About Us


    Welcome to Aur Dikhao - Where Tradition Meets Fashion!

    Step into a world of exquisite ethnic fashion as we proudly present Aur Dikhao, a fashion house that has been serving the fashion needs of women for the past 48 years. From the rich heritage of our grandparents to the online era brought forth by the young generation during the challenging times of the pandemic, we have embraced the essence of tradition and blended it seamlessly with the convenience of the digital age.

    Just like our name, Aur Dikhao, which translates to "Show Me More," we invite you to explore our captivating collection of Indian suits and sarees. Our passion for ethnic wear runs deep, and we have curated a range that celebrates the beauty and grace of Indian fashion.

    Founded on the pillars of quality and fine craftsmanship, Aur Dikhao has emerged as a trusted brand in the industry. We draw inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of Indian fashion traditions, infusing them with contemporary aesthetics to create designs that truly captivate the senses.


    Meet The Founders

    Meet the exceptional founders of "Aur Dikhao" – Rajinder Jagota, Gaurav Jagota, and Krishan Jagota. These visionary individuals have played a pivotal role in shaping the identity of our esteemed fashion house. With their combined passion, expertise, and relentless drive, they have propelled "Aur Dikhao" to the forefront of the women's ethnic wear industry.